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Project Description

Shared Context is a library that enable you to share across several .NET Micro Framework board the same context informations.

The idea is to provide an extensible base library that manage the distribution of "so called" context variable across different board of the same eco system.

The comunication channels will be managed as "plugin" and the system API will provide somethign like "GetVariableByName(string name)" or "SetVariable(string name, object value)" and the library will share that informations with all the board of the eco system.

A concrete example could be an outdoor thermometer connected by ZigBee or by the cheaper nRF24L01+ rtx or by ethernet.

The idea is to provide at least the driver for nRF24L01+ ( and for the Mountaineer Ethernet board, then if someone would help me providing other driver will be a very good idea!

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